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Exterior Repaint

The cost to repaint an exterior home can start from $3,500 and up.
Full Re-paint example: 2 coats of paint on stucco,
2 coats of paint on facial boards: $6,561.19

Exteriors have many variables, just like interiors, to factor in for pricing.

There can be 2 homes that are both 2000 sq ft, but cost different.

Some of the main things that affect price include:

  • Color changes

  • Number of colors to be applied

  • Type of siding

  • Amount of siding the house might have

  • If brick is to be painted

  • Siding condition

  • Height of the home

  • Paint product used

  • If some exterior staining is required 


Average Room Price

An average room, with 8 ft. walls, ceilings, and trim can range from (10×10) can range from $600.00 – $1250.00 depending on the scope of work.

Example 8x12 bedroom:
With baseboard, doors, trim, and walls, repaint the same color: $990.44

Some things to consider when estimating basic bedroom painting:

  • Ceiling height

  • Changing colors (What colors are currently on the surfaces)

  • If baseboard, doors and trims required painting

  • Vacant or occupied

  • Number of windows & doors per room

  • Floors being replaced or not

  • Wall repairs

Drywall Repair

There are a lot of factors that determine the cost of a drywall repair, depending on the amount and size of the repairs; may range from $450 and up.

Example 2x2 Drywall repair:
Patch the hole, skim coat, and match texture: $550.90
The cost to paint the area from corner to corner will depend on the size of the ceiling.

Some things we consider when estimating:

  • How much painting will be required after the repair.

  • Does the area require texturing?

  • Is there water damage we don't see?

  • Do we need to install new insulation?

  • What is the size of the repair?

  • How many separate repairs are there?

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